2015-02-21 21:42:08 by seecer2

hello people of the internet, i just wanted to say that i havnt been able to do or start any animtions that i had been planing to make. but i am now trying to test my limits in voice acting so i can get out there. tell me what you think.


2014-08-10 23:15:27 by seecer2

i need help getting a good animation software free

Yay I'm out there in a shit way

2014-07-14 23:46:33 by seecer2

I recently voice acted for this Pokemon animation I don't like it and I could do better voice acting and better animation but it's awesome I was the main guy of the weird story

plans plans plans

2014-06-29 20:32:44 by seecer2

soon i plan to start working on upcoming animations and try to improve on the currant skills that i have.

also i will be working with rogerlox

my post

2014-06-27 19:31:05 by seecer2

no one likes my ruff draft animation


2014-05-11 16:31:03 by seecer2

4393002_139984020641_33fa46_96a02dc82fb5419882a3f7e2f0b19e5epng_srz_p_206_2.pngcoming to newgrounds soon